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Responses from Recent Audience Members
The Emotional Impact on Listeners

"Hearing and seeing you two perform together tonight was one of the highlights of my life. So as One and yet so independent each playing off one another - OMG the expressions, the gestures, loving and knowing, the support, the projection - all going into music - you both quickened my heart so many times tonight - SO BEAUTIFUL."

"A true mountain-top experience - right at the top of my most thrilling musical experiences."

"Words simply cannot express the beauty of your recital today. So many times I was drawn to tears. Thank you again for sharing from your hearts!"

"All of it was enormously uplifting. The warmth and stunning beauty of her voice was a healing force."

"There is a term in Zen called the 'soft spot' which refers to that place in us all where our deepest emotions reside, where all healing initiates and is the core of our spiritual ability to experience Love. When you two perform, your music penetrates directly in this 'soft spot' and reminds us of who we are."

"Unbelievable magic. . . .What a life changing experience to experience such beauty."

"I would happily pay top dollar to have the opportunity to hear more. You both are remarkable musicians who bring the listener into another world. It was a very emotional, personal performance."

"Most inspiring! Everything was just right - the intensity, pathos, contrasts, musicality, presentation, stage presence. Most of all, it was an exciting recital! After each piece, I found myself eagerly anticipating the next. Further, it was soul-satisfying."

"An evening of extraordinary music making...a deeply moving experience."

"A wonderful, uplifting recital...The performance was so satisfying on so many levels-musical, textual and spiritual."

"I now know how beautiful and meaningful music can be. Thank you!"

The Lieder Experience

"A memorable afternoon. I am now a responsive Lieder aficionado."

"I just don't know how someone could NOT appreciate Lieder after experiencing an emotional journey like this."

"Both of us encountered a renaissance experience from your concert."

"The text and music, and its performance, induced a state of reflection on the deepest mysteries of life and death. I felt changed from when I first entered the room."

"This is something that the musical public rarely hears, and it is something it needs to hear. The music's richness needs to be shared, and you have the perfect collaboration to do so."
The Singer

"I shall remember these evenings as some of the superlative musical experiences in my six decades of concert-going, including seeing Fischer-Dieskau at Carnegie Hall (several times), Hermann Prey performing Winterreise in a small hall, and Christa Ludwig singing Winterreise at the Bastille Opera. I mention these not to demonstrate where I have been, but rather, to say that I have the experiences to conclude that you are well in the same league."

"Compelling, beautiful and breath taking. Such a luscious voice and such delicate nuances! Such a powerful portrayal of the text in voice and presence."

"Who can adequately describe the vocal performance? . . . . Such a range of emotions, subtle and dramatic. A stage presence which draws us in, making us unaware of anything else. With just a movement of her eyes, a tilt of her head, she reveals the meaning of the text and its musical context. Further, she gives us her heart and soul. There was no one in the audience who could not sense this and not be grateful for her gift."

"The voice is beautiful and demeanor exquisite. It was as much a pleasure watching as listening."

"What an incredible gift - the opportunity to listen to an exceptional singer who is so transparent and genuine that one could see her soul in all her loving expressions."

"I haven't heard such beautiful Lieder since Schwarzkopf and Janet Baker. You are bringing back a much missed art. I only hope young singers will hear you."

The Collaboration

"Your concert wasn't just good-- it made me completely rethink the idea of concerts and artistry in general. You two lived and breathed the music last night--it was inspiring on so many levels. From the very first phrases, it was obvious you two were in complete control."

"You both are meant to perform together, and are musicians of the highest quality."

"You two make an amazing team."

"The accompaniment was ideal. The sense for the listener is that the performance is a duet, a dance between two musicians, with give and take, embracing, intertwining and separating, at times humbly giving the other the floor. This is a loving and gentle collaboration."

"The collaboration was seamless--every nuance was so beautifully crafted."

"A superb accompanist. . . .not only a consummate pianist, but a sensitive and subtle collaborator."

"The piano playing is some of the best I've ever heard--perfection in phrasing and tone."

From Reviewers

"The performance was so beautiful . . . I wanted it to go on and on."
--San Francisco Classical Voice

"Scharich's singing of these exquisite Lieder proved exemplary. It was easy to sense her . . . actually becoming the voice of the poet."
--The San Diego Story

"Scharich proved multiply gifted, securing a dynamic range from forte declaration to muted, but clearly audible, pianissimo. . . . All these composers would have celebrated her services, as should all of us. And Fee's piano approach, variously tender, crisp, and gleeful, provided gratifying support."
--San Francisco Classical Voice

"What I experienced was ravishing. Scharich has a wonderful voice, with a rich lower register and a gleaming top. . . . Her expressiveness transforms each song into a subtle mini-drama. And although she can rise to operatic volume levels when a song calls for it, her ability to create a hushed mood and a sense of longing through pianissimo singing is especially memorable."
--Exotic and Irrational Entertainment
From Presenters

"So special--spontaneous, daring, intelligent . . . She doesn't 'sing' the way almost every other singer does. By that I mean I am never aware of her technique and vocal production for its own sake. I am only aware of the emotion driving the moment."

"Your Experiencing Lieder program was performed with such grace, sophistication and thoughtfulness. Thanks to each of you for introducing your music, and providing program notes to enhance the audience experience. Your handling of the question and answer session post performance was a huge success. Additionally, a big thank you for selling out the program with an overflow audience. You both have raised the bar for future programming. Please come back anytime."

"We were all so blessed by the music; it was a wonderful evening! One audience member said it was the best night of music he had experienced in years, and he was especially appreciative of the excellent program notes. The head of the music department said 'Many people came up to me after the concert and said thank you.' The recital was clearly a success and touched many music lovers in our community. You both made Lieder come alive that evening and we were honored to host you."

". . . my infinite gratitude again and again for one of the most extraordinary concerts--perhaps THE most magnificent--of my entire musical life!!"

The Dersnah-Fee School of Music
Midland, Michigan